If you have a general inquiry please contact Francis, if you're interested in offering the expedition sponsorship please contact Ben, otherwise contact a team member directly......

Expedition Leader
James Monypenny 07939114494 Skype: james.monypenny

Head of sponsorship
Ben clifton 075400810396

Cycling and kayaking
Adam rimmer 07894144077

Head of transport
Thomas Samuel Wilks 07814573785 Skype: tom.wilks

Troy nunes 07908113091

Head Medic
David ferraby 07870504693

Climber, logistics, medic and physiopherapist
Katie Hill 07920442598

Head of Kayaking
Alex Dines 07798674305

Head of media / film maker
Sam Corbett 07807736245

Head of communication
Francis May 07854494596 Skype: francis.may

Head of logistics
Alistair Corbett 07503192473

Transport and food
Dan Gee 07920440898

Head of sailing
Nicholas David Jackson 07576717376

William Young

Email ALL,,,,,,,,,,,,