Ben Clifton, 19, is on-board as 'head-of-Sponsorship'

Ben is a Sheffield Hallam university student in his 2nd year studying Psychology. Ben is a keen climber and adventurer; Ben has chosen to take charge of the trip sponsorship. Ben has claimed that if he can-not get the trip sponsored with bikes then he will be cycling the last mile naked!

Expedition leader James Monypenny

James Monypenny is 22, works as a free-lance outdoor instructor, and studies Sport and exercise science with performance coaching at Sheffield Hallam University. He has been on expeditions to Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, Corsica, European Alps, India and Colorado. As expedition leader James will have overall responsibility for the safe, smooth running of the trip.

Adam Rimmer,21, Head of cycling and member of kayaking

Adam has been a keen mountain biker and road cyclist for many years with experience in completing the 50km Salisbury plane cycle challenge as well as the London to Brighton cycle on a mountain bike. Adam also enjoys lots of kayaking disciplines. Adam has five years experience of working with and fixing bicycles and is a keen cycle builder. Adam’s experience with bikes will be invaluable to the team.

Alex Dines, 22, Head of kayaking

Alex has experience paddling whitewater rivers and has spent a lot of time sea kayaking. Additionally Alex has organised a sponsored 50mile canoe challenge in the North of England and he has completed all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh award. Alex’s leadership qualities have developed through the Duke of Edinburgh award and through his job in the mountain and watersports department of Decathlon.

Alistair Corbett, 19, joint head of food and member of climbing
Alistair is in his last year at Buxton College studying an Outdoor pursuits course. His hobbies are climbing, skiing, slacklining, reading, wild Swimming and basically anything adventurous/ exciting. He is planning to have a gap year traveling after the expedition and then hopefully start uni.

Qualifications- BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue (Canoe/Kayak)

Outdoors Experience:
2011- Since September 2009 Kayaking and Canoeing with college every other week.
- Skiing in the Three Valleys, French Alps.
2010- Cycled Lands End to John O'Groats in 11 days.
- Climbing in the French Alps.
2009- The Stoke Half Marathon.
- The Saunders Mountain Marathon.
-Climbing trip to Italian Dolomites.
2008- The OMM Mountain Marathon.
- White Peak Half Marathon.
- Skiing in Les Deux Alp, French Alps.
2007- Walking in the Pyrenees, France.
-Skiing in Serre Chevalier, French Alps.
“It will be a great opportunity to meet new people and have a wicked adventure. I like a tough challenge and I think it will make an awesome summer in the sun. Plus I might get a cheeky tan as well!”

Daniel Gee, 22, Logistics and Transport
 Daniel is well travelled having taken a gap year on which he volunteered and journeyed in Guatemala, Panama, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Spain. This experience has led him to understand that forward planning is absolutely essential when it comes to running a smooth operation. He has spent much of his youth involved within Scouting and therefore is experienced in camp craft, understands the need of teamwork and leadership and has completed his D of E Gold expedition. This involved canoeing expeditions down the River Severn and River Wye. Additionally Daniel is fluent in Spanish which will be very useful for large sections of the expedition.
David Ferraby, 22, Activity team leader, Head physio/medic and member of training
Dave is a final year Physiotherapy student who loves most sports in particular climbing, cycling, snowboarding and playing rugby.
Ten Tors Expedition 35 and 55 Mile Routes- 2005 and 2006
Participated in World Challenge Expedition– raising £3000 for a month long expedition to Argentina - 2005.
Alpine skills expedition to the Alps including climbing Mt Blanc and Gran Paradiso and the Cosmiques Arête - 2007.
Marine Conservation and Diving expedition on M...afia Island, Tanzania for the University of Dar Es Salaam 2008. PADI Rescue Diver qualified.
Climbed Killimanjaro - 2008.
Outdoor Instructor with BUNAC at Camp Airy, Maryland, USA - 2008.
Climbing and hiking expedition in Thailand – 2009.
Lands End to John O’ Groats charity bike ride, the team raised £10 000 for Aspire.
Physiotherapist at Disabled Newlife Centre, Kathmandu, Nepal – 2010.
Anapurna Circuit Trek, Nepal – 2010.
The expedition looks like great fun and a real challenge. I would like to join a team of motivated people and do something fantastic. I think it is for a very worthwhile cause. I have been gained so much from Africa, and it would be great to give something back.
Francis May, Head of communications, member of media
Francis is a student at Sheffield University studying Social Policy & Criminology. He enjoys many team sports including basketball in which his school team won the national championships, but is seeking to use this expedition as an outlet from competitive sports. He has experience of cycling and kayaking but is looking to further his skills in these areas. At the age of 7 he completed the 35km Salisbury Plain Cycle Challenge and has also completed the Avebury to Stonehenge Neolithic marathon. Francis will be in the role of communications, maintaining the blog, and working within the media team.

Katie Hill, 22, Joint head of climbing, member of logistics and medic/physio

Katie is currently a student in her third year at Sheffield Hallam University studying Physiotherapy. She is highly motivated and enjoys participating in a variety of sports. Katie is most passionate about climbing, snowboarding and, more recently road cycling.
CLIMBING: 2001- Member of Junior British Climbing Team for 5 years
which enabled her to compete in a variety of
countries such as France, Sardinia & Bulgaria
TREKKING: 2006- Gold Duke of Edinburugh Award in the Lake District
2009- Climbing & trekking expedition to Thailand for one
2010- Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas at 5,460m (15
day trek covering 200km through various terrains;
paddy fields, jungle & mountain desert)
SAILING: 2006- One week with Ocean Youth Trust South sailing
around the South coast of England
CYCLING: 2008- Cycling trip through the Baltic States on the way to
OTHER: 2007/8- Winter season in Val D'Isere (French Alps)
... working as a chalet host/ski guide.
2009- PADI open water diving course
2010- Physiotherapist in an orphanage for disabled
children in Nepal
KAYAKING: She hasn’t too much experience in Kayaking but is
looking forward to learning from others to improve her
skills in this area

“The best way to travel is to have a challenge! Discovering a new country is amazing but with the pressure of a time frame, it allows you to achieve and see more! I want to push my abilities in a beautiful country.”
Nicholas Jackson, 23, Head of sailing
Nick is a graduate from the University of Sheffield where he studied Law/French. He currently runs his own business whilst seeking a job within the legal profession. Nick has sailed since he was 8 and has mainly been sailing a Laser during the last 10 years. Nick started climbing 18 months ago and completed a winter climbing course in the Cairngorm Mountains. Nick has previously helped sail a yacht across the channel and is a qualified life guard. Additionally, Nick is one grade below instructor in the discipline of Thai Boxing. Nick is one of a few members of the team who are fluent in French.
Sam Corbett, 21, Head of  media, member of  medic/physio
Sam is a final year Physiotherapy student at Sheffield Hallam. He is an adventurous individual with a strong background in many outdoor activities and sports, such as Freerunning, Climbing, Skiing/boarding and cycling. He also enjoys Photography.


2006- climbing / Kayaking in the alps
2007- Skied in Les Arcs
2008- Cycled to Paris for a Freerunning trip, Snowboarding in Mayahofen,
2009- Trekking and climbing in Thailand
2010- Cycle Lands end to John O ' groats , Sheffield Half Marathon, Worked as an Outdoor Instructor in Maryland USA.

“The expedition looks like an amazing challenge and great fun and I have always wanted to go to Africa.”
Tom Wilks, 23, Operations Team leader and member of Kayaking, Finance, Transport
Tom is a final year student at the University of Sheffield studying Mandarin Chinese. He is also a keen sportsman involved primarily in running and bouldering, and also a dedicated musician and linguist.
3* Kayak
First Aid at Work

2007 - Kayaking in the French Alps
2007 - 2-man one week round trip cycle from City Centre, Nanjing, China - Lotus Peak, Huangshan, China.
2008 - Organised and performed in an all-day fundraising concert in Nanjing city centre for victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.
Easter 2009 - Kayak playboating trip to Hawaii-Sur-Rhone, Lyon, France.

“My main reason for joining the expedition is for the adventure and the enormity of the challenge, but also to develop leadership and technical skills, meet like-minded people and make some great friends. The fact that we can raise a lot of money for charity is another fantastic reason.”
Troy Nunes, 21, Media; photography
A competent cyclist, Troy currently lives and works in London as a retail assistant. Troy enjoys keeping fit, cycling to work and regularly going to the gym. He is also passionate about photography in his spare time. Troy feels the expedition will improve him as a person and would love the achievement of climbing one of Africa’s highest peaks. Troy is well practiced with bike mechanics and is also fluent in Portuguese whilst having a strong grasp of Spanish.
Will Young, 22, Head of Security, Kayaking
Will recently completed a degree in Environmental Conservation at Bangor University in North Wales, whilst at Uni he was able to take advantage of living near to Snowdonia national park, and pursue some of his favorite sports: WW Kayaking, mountain biking and hill walking.
Will is fairly well travelled, using his interest in kayaking as an excuse to travel to the French alps, Uganda and South America, as well as several trips up to Scotland. He wants to do plenty more travelling with his kayak, and also plans to work a ski season next winter.
Will has also completed Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE, is a qualified first aider, and completed his L1 raft guiding qualifiation and Whitewater rescue technician whilst at uni.
He says 'I am really looking forward to taking part in this expedition, travelling to Morocco on my bike should be an experience! I recently cycled 360km coast to coast of Ireland, which has made me even more excited for the physical challenge of a slightly further ride to North Africa! Bring it on!'

One of the expedition aims is to develop leadership skills, to this end; each member of the group will take responsibility for an element of the expedition.

Responsibilities of Roles
Head of Cycling
Delivery in the skills of bike maintenance, repair, and the packing / use of panniers, liaise with head of sponsorship regarding the sponsorship of bikes and bike equipment, liaise with the logistics coordinator regarding the postage of repair equipment along route and bike flight bags to airport.

Head of Climbing
Research details on climbing Jbel Toubkal (grade, routes, maps, topos, conditions, permits, necessary equipment etc.), book a hut, liaise with logistics coordinator regarding the postage of climbing equipment, establish a contact with whom to look after other equipment during the ascent, organise and help deliver the appropriate skills required during training week ends, purchase / source sponsorship of climbing equipment, liaise with the head of sponsorship regarding climbing equipment sponsors.

Head of sailing
Rental of / Source sponsorship of boats, a boat or tall ship, and sailing equipment, plan the logistics of the crossing with the logistics coordinator, (route, dates, conditions, ports etc.), assist in the delivery of sailing skills, liaise with head of sponsorship regarding sponsors. 

Head of Kayaking
Rental of / Source sponsorship of kayaks/ canoes, and kayaking equipment, plan the logistics of the crossing with the logistics coordinator, (route, dates, conditions, ports etc.), assist in the delivery of sea kayaking skills, liaise with head of sponsorship regarding sponsors. 

Purchase / sponsorship of medical equipment and medications. Produce group first aid kits. Research into the travel advice for Morocco, France and Spain. Ensure all team members are aware of and are up to date with appropriate vaccinations. Delegation of carrying the first aid kits. Provide first aid to injured team members.

Organise transport of the team and or team equipment: Transport to Marrakesh from Asni, and to the airport. Transport during training weekends. Booking of flights and taxis.

Setting up an expedition bank account, calculating costs, keeping a record of expenses and receipts, reimbursing team members of group costs, producing a trip budget, ensuring the team stay within budget, liaising with head of security to keep group funds safe.

Producing contingency plans, copying travel documentation, liaising with a UK contact and briefing them on contingency plans, ensuring team and equipment security, security of group money.

Logistics Coordinator
Organising, delegating and overseeing all logistical operations. Organise visas and insurance. Postage of food and equipment along route.

Organising, researching and booking places to stay and camp the along route. Contacting individuals, organisations, schools etc. that can offer a free, safe place to camp or stay. Sponsorship of tents / sleeping equipment. Organise tent and room groups.

Route choice, research and selection. Sourcing, purchase and sponsorship of maps, compasses, GPS and other mapping equipment. Producing a Google earth route to be uploaded onto the blog. Delegation of navigation legs.

Head of Sponsorship
Raising the profile of the expedition and gaining financial and equipment support through; applying to grants, writing to companies, shops, newspapers and magazines. Overseeing and delegating equipment sponsorship responsibilities. 

Creating and organising fund-raising and events.

Research into available food on route, ensuring dietary requirements are catered for. Delivery of camp cooking skills. Or Sponsorship of food, (particularly expensive branded products such as energy gels, drinks and bars) and cooking equipment (stoves, pans, utensils, gas etc.) Liaise with logistics co-ordinator to post food along route. Organise cooking groups, delegate and take charge of group meals. Organise a final group meal in Marrakesh.

Take charge and update the expedition blog (photos, diary, events, and progress). Create expedition web page. Liaise with UK contact during trip. Source sponsorship for / purchase a trip phone and SIM card, and VHF radios.

Source sponsorship of a Digital LSR or similar, lenses, protective equipment and memory cards. Capture the trip. Produce a HD movie of the trip. Produce and send a CD containing photos and video to expedition members. 

Storage, repair and maintenance of group equipment. Producing equipment lists, including estimating amounts required. Offering equipment advise. Postage and distribution of group equipment. Keeping  equipment logs. 

 Some roles may be shared. The roles are not limited to those already mentioned and people are expected to take ownership of their role by setting their own targets.