Kit list for morocco 2011

Light is right. Cheap kit will break.
* indicates a recommended item.


Sleeping bag - light weight one season will suffice. Down or synthetic.
Dry bags- If your panniers are not 100% water proof then you must have dry bags
thermarest or roll matt- roll (matts are inexpensive but bulky, thermarest are the opposite.
plastic mug)

1 Sun hat- full brim recommended
1 sun cream- high factor, small tube
1 Small Pen knife / multi tool (should have knife and tin opener)
1 head torch (eg petzel tikka plus)
spare batteries (1 set)
mp3 player*
1 Antibacterial handwash (small)
1 Personal first aid kit; couple plasters, dioralite (rehydration sachets x10) and a couple paracetamol, 2 cough sweets
1 pr Sun glasses- cat 4 min
1 Lip salve- with UVA
1 Vasiline- mini pot.*
Eating utensil- spoon is all you need. Don’t get a plastic spork they break.
Bowel- plastic lightweight
1 Towel- light weight 'swimmers' towel, lifeventre do a good travellers towel. Normal towels hold a lot of moisture, and become horrible.
Small Journal + 1 good quality pen + book to read*
Zip ties- an assortment of about 15; for repair.
Duck tape- take about a whole role; but wrap it around things where it can be removed easily eg seat post, water bottle, lip salve etc; or around itself.
Camera (spare SD card or memory stick)
Passport, EHIC card (European health insurance card), bank card
Copy of the FUCK UP folder, containing emergency tel’s, insurance copies etc
Money belt / wallet 
x2 passport photo copies + x2 spare passport photos
Spending money
Elbow grease, man up cream
Repair kit: Rubber band, Safety pin, 1m thin para cord., 1m bungy cord, 1 needle and small amount of thread
String or light weight fabric bag (light weight bag for use on rest days / toubkal) or removable pannier rucksac
Wash kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, lifeventure multipurpose soap)
1 medium sized light weight travel towel (the Lifeventure Trek Towel is good).
Personal medication
Mozzie spray*
Vitamin supplementation*
Small padlock(S) (putting on pannier bags / tent zips to ward off opportunist thieves)*
Watch (cheap £5 pound argos jobby recommended)
Mobile phone (cheap old nokia recommended) with charger
European travel plug adapter
Lighter (cheap plastic flint type)
Toilet roll (should aim to always carry 3 days worth; replace every visit to a public toilet)
Platypus style water carrier; 2L.
Carbohydrate electrolyte powder*

1 / 2 pairs Padded cycling shorts
Cycling shoes
Walking boots (to be posted)
Flip flops / sandals *
Cycling top
2 prs Cycling socks. (synthetic)
Underwear (synthetic better than cotton)
1 thermal bottom's
1 waterproof top. (Gore-Tex Paclite is best)
1 waterproof over trousers. (Gore-Tex Paclite is best)
1 Pertex top (wind proof or simular)*
1 fleece / down jacket - useful for cold evenings and doubles up as a pillow at night.
1 Cycling gloves
1 hat
1 buff*
1 Short sleeve synthetic top
1 trousers (zip off usefull)
1/2 Shorts

Touring bike- key features; comfortable riding position, strong frame, touring handlebars, good quality components that have been used by not on their last legs, comfy saddle.
Assortment of spare nuts / bolts
Puncture repair kit, + 2 tire leavers
Spare break pads (specific to your bike)
Bike pump
Cycle helmet
2/3 spare inner tubes
handle bar compass*
Rear bike rake
Front bike rack
handle bar compass*
Slime inner tubes*
2 Rear pannier bags (Ortlieb are expensive but worth it)
Rain covers (for non water-proof panniers)
2 Front pannier bags
1 handle bar bag
1 saddle bag
1 bike multi tool: Chain tool, Screw drivers (flat head and Philips), 2-3-4-5-6mm Allen keys
Small bottle multi purpose bike lube
Bike mirror *
Bike lock
Spoke key*
4/5 Spokes (correct size for your bike) 
1 Cycle computer*
1 rear bike light
1 spare aluminium rear detailer hanger (only aluminium frames)
suspension seat post*
3 bottle cages and bottles; Min 2L
stand *
bike bag (to be posted)

Group Kit
2 First aid kits-
Strip Thermometer, First Aid Scissors, tweezers, Safety Pins, Antiseptic cream, steri strips, Antiseptic Wipes, 1 Triangular Bandages, Crepe Bandage, 2 x 7.5cm Conforming Gauze Bandages (K Band), 6 x 10cm2 Non adherent Sterile Dressings (melolin), 6 x 5cm2 Non adherent Sterile Dressings (melolin), 2 x Large Sterile Dressings, 2 x Medium Sterile Dressings, 1 x 1m Elastoplast fabric strip, Vasoline/ Savlon for cycle chafing, Space Blanket/ Survival blanket, Anti septic hand wash, Disposable Gloves, Needle & Thread Gaffa Tape, Zinc Oxide tape, Rehydration sachets, Cling film, Com Dom, Anti- Biotics, Imodium, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Water Purification tablets, Anti- Histamine medication, Asprin, Acetazolamide, super glue (non toxic), rubber bands, seam sealer, nail clippers
Maps- toubkal 1:50,000, cycle touring maps france / spain / morocco 1:100,0000 (x2 copies), Gibraltar strait chart.
Phones x 4 international sim cards + spare batteries
Bike spares / repair: Copper grease, Brake + gear cable, spare spokes (700 cc and 26 inch), chain link tool, hose clamps, spare tires, spare peddal (s), adjustable spanner, chain whip, casset spanners,  
Water purification tablets or filter
Map case / holders
Cookers, pots, fuel bottles
High vis jackets, x2 per pod