Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday 26th August 14:30

We smashed the 2000km marker a couple of days ago and are currently resting in Malaga. Fortunately for us Dan has a very kind friend who has put us up for two nights so a massive thank you for Diego for that! It´s great to have use of simple things like washing machines for the first time in weeks! The hospitality people have shown us on this trip really is amazing. On Wednesday evening we met a lady called Dawn in Encinas Reales who gave us all tea and use of her internet to source maps for the route to Malaga. Just to clarify from the facebook page and to prevent any unneccessary worrying back home, some of the group were ill but everyone who was is pretty much fully recovered now - it appears a bug spread through the group which was made worse by cycling in ~40°C of Spanish heat. Luckily the recovery time has been less than 24 hours so we will be well on our way towards Algeciras tomorrow. 
Hopefully we have learnt our lesson and we will now be more careful with hygiene and are debating whether to start cycling at 3am - decision on this to come later this evening! 
Those of you who haven´t already, if you ´like´our facebook page Here you can check out some pictures we have uploaded! 
Also, a quick thank you to everyone who has donated to SOS Children. We are currently on £2,257 which is 75% of the way to our target of raising a pound per kilometre cycled - £3,000!

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